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With our background in developing, deploying and supporting rig move management and processes we’ve learned firsthand the challenges faced by on-site operations – and there are many.

With a robust set of customizable features tailored specifically to oilfield service companies, EMS offers solutions to help oil and rig moving companies alike increase efficiency, communication, vendor/contractor accountability and lower costs. To experience the benefits of operations all in one place request a demo today.

SMART technology to revolutionizes the way Oil & Gas companies work with rig move vendors and contractors. EMS delivers functionality that improves rig move efficiency at every step of the way, eliminating bottlenecks and putting your entire team on the same page.

Improve your rig move process by eliminating:

  • The need for field workers to come to the office to pick up paper work orders in order to do jobs
  • The scheduler to capture service requests in one place, but then issuing a paper work order for the field
  • Waiting for paper work orders to be returned to the office, and then transcribed into a billing system before they can be billed
  • Lost paper work orders after jobs are completed or late paperwork turn-in after the job has been billed

  • The messy world of poor communication, misunderstood instructions and tasks to be performed
  • Lengthy service completion-to-payment (cash)
  • The massive amounts paper trail used for individual Bill of Ladings (BOL’s) and billing & payroll cost
  • Poor proficiency and productivity
  • You want to manage your service contractors rather than them manage you

EMS digitizes the rig move process to create a flexible procedure that tracks the rig-down and rig-up electronically from stage to stage with daily re-caps to all management personnel .

Monitor field staff and job status in real-time assignments, with tasks and required parts

Track service time for each job automatically

Rig Manager, Truck Pusher, Superintendents

Review At-a-glance status of the rig move
Receive Daily Re-Caps of productivity of equipment across jobs and tasks
Eliminate lost or damaged work orders, invoices etc.
Validate accountability with field records so you can issue PO#’s for clear recordable costs.

​Increase productivity, improve rig move management, and most importantly, shorten their
service-to-cash cycle.

Vendor/Contractor Invoicing

EMS is a solution that allows companies to commence invoicing as soon as the work order is signed rather than waiting for missing invoices. It was also very important to our Customers that the system is capable of tracking time spent on any particular movement to verify this work was chargeable to the client.

» Streamline the service scheduling process
» Increase field worker productivity
» Improve customer satisfaction
» Accelerate invoicing, automate time sheet reporting
» Generate lead opportunities in the field

How fast do you get paid after a job is completed?

Invoicing customers means that your business revenue is tied up from the time the job is completed
until the time you receive payment. Up to fourteen days or more of that delay can come from the
process of actually receiving the BOL’s from field staff or outsourced contractors and then
generating a Master waybill and getting them to your customers in the first place.

You can get your invoices out the same day!
With EMS, your digital work order is back in the office the instant it is signed off utilizing SMART Technology.
It can then be imported immediately into your accounting package, ready for emailing/sending to all parties involved.
​Invoicing work immediately after completion helps accelerate your cash flow and lowers your working capital requirements.