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Our Safety Docs “product” is a “boiler plate” program. The information contained within our product(s) are solely advisory, and should not be substituted for legal, financial or other professional advice. Any and all decisions and actions must be done through the advice and counsel of a personal qualified attorney, agent, financial advisor, CPA, or other professional for you or your company. We cannot be held responsible for actions you may take without proper advice. You should not rely on the “boiler plate” Docs program as absolute or as legal advice. It is your responsibility to verify that your completed document is a truthful and accurate reflection of your company’s policies and procedures. The safety of your employees depends not on the words on the paper but on your ensuring your company’s adherence to the policies and procedures stated within your manual.

We strive to make our product as complete as possible. However, due to it’s “generic nature”, we assume no liability for any Local/Industry/State/Country/Government specific information which may or may not be covered. This is, after all, just a template. All final, legal, and financial responsibility is assumed by the individual or organization which purchases this product. You should seek legal counsel and/or speak to the OSHA Consultation Service and/or your Regional OSHA Compliance Office before implementing or using this (or any) product. We urge you to refer to OSHA Publications 29 CFR 1926 and 1910 and any State, Local or Regulatory regulations that may apply, and to use these resources, to make your program more complete, current, accurate, and business specific before implementing or using this product. We urge you to periodically review the www.OSHA.gov website or other regulatory websites (that apply) for any regulation/ruling that may affect your business/organization. Our Docs and Software are copyrighted and not intended for resale, redistribution or provided to others as a business service. In addition, NO ONE HAS OUR PERMISSION TO BUILD SAFETY MANUALS FOR OTHERS BY USING OUR DOCS or SOFTWARE. Please contact Energy Management Services, LLC at 419-252-0539 if you have any questions.